German Christmas Markets

Frankfurt's Christmas Market and the Romerberg

The German Christmas markets (“Weihnachtsmarkt”) are well worth visiting! They overflow with bright lights, great food, beautiful ornaments and friendly people. Here are a few markets that you’ll want to visit on your next trip to Germany. What You Need to Know Entrance Fees Most Christmas markets are free to attend, but some do charge … Read more

The Elk+Avenue Hotel in Banff – Review

The Elk+Avenue hotel in Banff, Alberta is a mid to upper range hotel providing a comfortable and pleasant experience for those staying in beautiful Banff. Check-in / Check-Out The check-in and check-out experience were great. The staff were efficient and pleasant and the front desk was always staffed. We had a problem with the first … Read more

Visiting Hecla Manitoba

Lighthouses on Hecla Island

Hecla is both a community and an island in beautiful Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. Hecla Island was named after Mount Hekla in Iceland. This area of Manitoba has many people of Icelandic descent and many areas still have Icelandic names. The island is about two hours north of Winnipeg on the shores of Lake … Read more

The Fredericton Amsterdam Inn and Suites – Review

Amsterdam Inn and Suites

I recently stayed at the Amsterdam Inn and Suites in Fredericton, New Brunswick. This is a relatively new hotel built on Bishop Drive, just off the Trans-Canada Highway. The hotel features a hot breakfast, free parking, free wifi and is close to a lot of amenities, many within walking distance. I stayed on points through … Read more

The Comfort Inn Halifax – Review

I recently stayed at the Comfort Inn in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This hotel is located on Bedford Highway. The front deck of the hotel faces Bedford Basin and it is quite pretty at sunrise. I booked a room online in advance, using their web site. This was not my first stay but it was my … Read more

Review: My Webspot – Pocket WiFi

On our recent family trip to Europe, we considered a few options for having Internet access while on vacation. I know many people buy a European SIM card for their phones with a data plan, but there were four of us so the thought of buying 4 SIM cards was a little daunting. You can … Read more

I Was Almost Pickpocketed in Paris

I’ve been in Paris twice, and on the last visit, I almost had my pocket picked on the metro. Here’s what happened, what I could have done differently, and how you can protect yourself from pickpockets. We were in Paris for a week during our family tour through the Netherlands, Belgium and France. I think … Read more

The ibis Amsterdam Centre Hotel – Review

The ibis Amsterdam Centre Hotel is located next to the Centraal train station in Amsterdam. As such, its location is ideal for exploring the area around the train station, and you can make connections from the station to pretty much anywhere in the Amsterdam area or beyond. We enjoyed the hotel, except for one thing … Read more

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls is a lovely swimming / recreation area in the Whiteshell Provincial Park in eastern Manitoba, Canada. The site is located at the end of the White Lake subdivision road, off highway 307 in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. The falls themselves discharge into White Lake, one of the many lakes in the Whiteshell. The … Read more


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