German Christmas Markets

Frankfurt's Christmas Market and the Romerberg

The German Christmas markets (“Weihnachtsmarkt”) are well worth visiting! They overflow with bright lights, great food, beautiful ornaments and friendly people. Here are a few markets that you’ll want to visit on your next trip to Germany. What You Need to Know Entrance Fees Most Christmas markets are free to attend, but some do charge … Read more

Review: My Webspot – Pocket WiFi

On our recent family trip to Europe, we considered a few options for having Internet access while on vacation. I know many people buy a European SIM card for their phones with a data plan, but there were four of us so the thought of buying 4 SIM cards was a little daunting. You can … Read more

I Was Almost Pickpocketed in Paris

I’ve been in Paris twice, and on the last visit, I almost had my pocket picked on the metro. Here’s what happened, what I could have done differently, and how you can protect yourself from pickpockets. We were in Paris for a week during our family tour through the Netherlands, Belgium and France. I think … Read more


Hi! My name is Steve Boyko and I am a Canadian who likes to travel.  I’m a geek at a lot of things (especially trains and computers) so I created this site to geek out about travel, from a Canadian perspective. Join me as I travel for work and for pleasure across this great country, … Read more